Our Mission

Kids and Bikes – A Winning Combination




Bikes teach. 

They teach independence. They teach activity. They teach valuable skills.

The MN Cycling Center brings cycling within reach of kids and adults from all walks of life.  With this simple machine, both kids and adults can explore their world and embrace a healthy lifestyle.  While the bicycle is our vehicle for reaching people, our educational programming will make the real impact.  Kids will take the knowledge they gain in the classroom into our athletic facilities where they’ll put it to the test.

S.T.E.A.M. Academic Curriculum

We are working closely with local curriculum experts to design a unique science-based suite of educational programs for kids centered around the science of sports.  In our classroom, kids will learn important concepts in biology and human performance, math, physics and engineering.  Then, we’ll turn them loose in our athletic facilities for practical experiments that will drive the classroom learning home.

Lifelong Skills

Through the Commuter Center Apprentice Program, kids will learn to assemble and repair bikes – and how to work in a retail environment.  They’ll be prepared for a job in the growing cycling industry.

The MN Cycling Center is more than just education, though.  Our facility will host world-class racing events, concerts, expos and community gatherings of all kinds.  It will be a central hub in the community.

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