2024 Legislative Funding Request

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MN Legislative funding requests introduced

Share your support with the Legislature

We’re thrilled to announce that House File HF 3951 and Senate File SF 4213 have been introduced by Richfield legislators, Rep. Mike Howard and Sen. Melissa Wiklund. We are requesting $4 million to secure the proposed property in Richfield and begin our design and development work.  This is a crucial investment and the first step toward the larger goal of building the MN Cycling Center.


Read the bills

Here’s how you can help

1.  Email Rep. Howard and Sen. Wiklund to thank them for authoring the bills.  

2. Email your representatives to show your support and encourage them to support the bills.

3. Stay in the know. 

The process for our bills

Notes from our lobbyist, Cap O’Rourke

The authors will request a hearing with the capital investment committees in their chambers. A hearing will likely be short and may not have much notice as there are a lot of bills to get through this session.  We will keep you posted on this.

When we do get a hearing we will send another notice to email members of those committee.  After a hearing, we will wait until the bonding committees release versions of their bills.  Each year can be different so sometimes the final agreed-upon bill comes out and other years it goes through a process of being amended.  Eventually, a bonding bill will need to be voted on by both house and senate and will need a super majority in each body to pass before being sent to the governor.  We’ll need letters to legislators again at that time.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you again for your support!

Suggested Email Text

Subject:  Please support HF 3951 and SF 4213

Dear ____________,

I’m contacting you today to encourage you to support House File 3951 and Senate File 4213, requesting an appropriation to support the Minnesota Cycling Center’s efforts to build a new multi-purpose indoor velodrome and community activity and event center in the City of Richfield.

The Minnesota Cycling Center is envisioned as a replacement for a prior state-constructed facility, the National Sports Center Velodrome, which served thousands of youth and adult athletes for 30 years, thanks to countless volunteer hours to maintain and operate the facility.

The Minnesota Cycling Center will provide much-needed health, fitness and STEM programming for youth in underserved communities.  Cycling Center volunteers currently provide after-school programming and camps that teach bicycle literacy and maintenance skills, introduce the science that makes bikes work and provide recreational cycling and racing experiences.

The proposed facility will offer a wide range of activities for Richfield, the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.  The facility spaces will offer walking spaces, sport courts, and meeting and event spaces for groups from 5-2500 participants.  It will be a regional destination drawing visitors from around the world.  It will be only the 3rd indoor velodrome in the United States.

The Minnesota Cycling Center will serve as an important resource in the development of local and world class Minnesota athletes. Nearly 3000 high school bicycle racers represent their communities in high school mountain bike races throughout the state.  Minnesota has developed multiple national and world champion and Olympic bicycle racers.

I encourage you to support HF 3951 and SF 4213.  The Minnesota Cycling Center represents a critical recreational, educational and community asset for Richfield, the Twin Cities and the entire state of Minnesota.

Thank you,

Your donations are more important than ever

Building on our hoped-for success at the legislature will dramatically accelerate our efforts to build the MN Cycling Center.  Please consider donating here or via a corporate match program. Additionally, the MNCC is seeking corporate sponsorship and donations of larger sizes.  If you have connections or recommendations of potential donors, please contact us.