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Ask Your Legislators To Keep MN Track Cycling Alive

Ask your legislators to support a new velodrome

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2.  Copy the petition text and include a personal message in an email to your  State Senator and State Representative, add your name and email and the name of your community so they know you are one of their constituents.

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Bill Authors

These legislators lead the effort to keep track cycling alive in MN.  If one of them is your legislator, please thank them in your note.


Rep. Sydney Jordan (District 60A)


Sen. Kari Dziedzic (District 60)

Our Petition

Please support the appropriation included in HF 2472 and SF 2415 for planning funds to help find a new home for track cycling in MN.  The state’s only Velodrome, in Blaine, was demolished after a successful 30-year lifespan in 2019.  In those 30 years we were able to build a competitive cycling community that:

  • Introduced thousands of racers to our track, through local and World-Championship level events
  • Created the largest women’s track cycling community in the US with more 30 racers in that last year
  • Built a STEM outreach program to teach the science of cycling to students in low income schools.
  • Introduced dozens of BIPOC students and racers to track cycling
  • Developed dozens of local racers with junior, masters and elite National and World Championships, including an Olympic silver medalist

This initial appropriation will enable the MN Amateur Sports Commission to collaborate with the Minnesota Cycling Center to find the new home venue for track cycling in Minnesota.  This will not only for allow continued track cycling in Minnesota, but it will also allow us an opportunity to expand the reach of our bicycle-based STEM curriculum. Working with the MN Amateur Sports Commission offers an opportunity to bring this exciting activity to a significantly larger number of students. These are students in schools with high populations of free and reduced lunches previously undeserved by the Blaine location.

You can learn more about our efforts here.

Please support the appropriation for Velodrome cycling in MN.

Find Your Legislators

Using the link below, find your legislators’ email addresses.  Copy the text of our petition on the left and include a personal message in your email.  Be sure to include the name of your community so they know you are one of their constituents.

Thank you for your continued support of velodrome racing in MN.