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Ask the MN Legislature’s Conference Committee to support a new indoor velodrome

Our request has passed in the MN House of Representatives and moved to a House/Senate Conference Committee.  The Committee will meet early next week to combine the House and Senate bills into one final appropriation.

Conference Committee members

  • Rep. Ray Dehn
  • Rep. Rob Ecklund
  • Rep. Mike Freiberg
  • Rep. Deb Kiel
  • Rep. Michael Nelson
  • Sen. Bruce Anderson
  • Sen. Jim Carlson
  • Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer
  • Sen. Mark Koran
  • Sen. Andrew Matthews

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Our Request

Dear Legislators:

Please support the House appropriation included in HF 1935 for planning funds to help find a new home for track cycling in MN.  The state’s only Velodrome, in Blaine, is scheduled to end its 30-year lifespan after this summer.  This small appropriation will allow the MN Amateur Sports Commission to work with the Minnesota Cycling Center to find the new home for track cycling in Minnesota.  This will not only for allow continued track cycling in Minnesota it will also allow us to expand the reach of our bicycle-based STEM curriculum to a significantly larger number of students in schools with high populations of free and reduced lunches.

You can learn more about our efforts here.

Please support the House appropriation for Velodrome cycling in MN.


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